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Re-feel & Clublaptop

When we talk of franchising, Re-feel and Clublaptop emerging strong and unique brands as all of their stores are franchisee operated. Alkesh Agarwal, CEO of the company shares with us his strategies, plans and business opportunities for franchisees in an interview. 

How do your Brands Re-feel and Clublaptop stand apart in the Market?

We have always remained committed to foraying into industries that are unorganised despite huge needs. Our approach has allowed us to bring Re-feel and Clublaptop into existence. With both our models we bring to the table value for money proposition for the customer coupled with quality services, which is a rarity in the industry. We also aim to be eco-friendly group - both cartridge recycling and laptop service helps us to reduce e-waste and significantly contribute to the Nature.

There are not many players in the organised laptop servicing brands. What has been your achievement with Clublaptop in this segment?

The idea of getting into this business took its shape from the fact that there is no other brand which is offering such services despite the need gap. It took us over 12 months to analyse the different facets of this business before taking it to the market. The response so far has been great and in such a short span we have already finalised over 100 exclusive Clublaptop stores across India with over 70 operational as on date. Also over few years we have introduced series of quality yet affordable accessories for laptops.

Our direct connect with users at their last leg allows us to be better placed against our competitors in analysing their core requirements and introducing new products/SKUs in the market. We still see a huge market opportunity and all set to grow our network of stores and product line. From here, we look forward to add new products every quarter.

Has Franchising helped you be a Successful Brand?

Franchising has always been the core of our growth. We always believed and took the franchise route for fast paced growth and it helped. The fact that we do not have a single-owned store till date explains the importance we give franchising. All our stores are franchisee operated stores. Franchising is a great way to partner with right set of people in you and your partners journey towards growth but it needs lot of systems, processes and controls to drive it to success.

What have been your Strategies so far?

We think in today’s ever-changing scenario, you cannot afford to be static and be able to put to use a lot of thoughts and strategies in place. What worked for us is our focus on the market and our partners. We as a company have kept ourselves evolving with time and technology. We always took up the challenge to work on the concept of awareness.

Would you like to share the Ups and Downs you faced in your Journey?

Everything is good in business till you take it in the spirit of learning, and path for us has been quite a series of great moves and mistakes that we did in the past and even today. The good thing that we would like to mention is the team we created – it’s so important for one’s success. We always tried and were able to successfully put the right team in place. One bad thing is that do not procrastinate – this we learnt after burning a few INRs out of our pocket – as a business owner we need to be agile and take hard calls like saying bye to an employee not suited for a particular role, wrong selection of an agency working for you etc.

E Commerce has become a critical growth factor to any business. How do you deal with it?

E-commerce is the buzz word now. We also did launch our e-com store last year sporting all ClubLaptop and Refeel range of products. Also, all our products are marketed and sold through all major e-comm portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc. We are seeing graphs going high across this distribution line.

How do you see the present Market in your segment trending?

In India, we are just at the inception stage if we talk about the organised industry across our both business lines. The market is huge and ever growing and there is scope of more organised players coming in the trade. With increased sale of printers and laptops, we see a huge business coming along the way over next few years. Also using eco-friendly products while saving on your pocket is a great value proposition a consumer gets.