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DRK Sunrise Agro Pvt. Ltd MD, Mr. Dorairaj Kannan says

DRK Sunrise Agro is indeed experiencing a Bright Sunrise in expansion of it’s Network in South India. The Company is quickly expanding through franchising and is reaping good profits for it’s investors.DRK Sunrise Agro is indeed experiencing a Bright Sunrise in expansion of it’s Network in South India. The Company is quickly expanding through franchising and is reaping good profits for it’s investors.

Here are excerpts from an interview of Mr. Dorairaj kannan, Promoter and MD of DRK Sunrise Agro, with BrandSmart India Editorial Team.

Share with us the inception; growth and success of DRK Sunrise Agro Pvt. Ltd? How has been your experience in the entrepreneurial world so far?

DRK Sunrise Agro Pvt Ltd is an entrepreneur venture emerged out of its Promoters conviction to build 100 Cr Business enterprise and National Brand.  Mr.Dorairaj Kannan is the Founder Promoter and MD of the Company, Mrs.Bharathi Kannan is Co founder and Director. Company was founded in Mar 2010,

Mr. Dorairaj is and an Experienced Professional has a rich 25 years of experience in the industry. In his previous assignment he had worked with M/S Agro Tech Foods Ltd, an Affiliate of CanAgro Foods (formerly M/SITC Agro Tech Ltd). His last assignment was Manager Strategy Planning (Head of Sales and Operation Planning, Supply Chain and Unit Head of South India manufacturing for Sundrop, Crystal Brand Edible oil). Handled various Important Roles in AP, Telangana, Karnataka and TN.

Market research and pilot marketing was done in FY 2010, Edible Oil Brand DRK Supreme and DRK Supreme D’Lite were launched in 2010.

Processed Dry Fruit Snacks Food Launched on Feb FY 2012 and Herbal Cosmetics were launched in Aug FY 2012

To achieve ambitious target of Rs.100 Cr turnover by 2018, now Company has 3 SBUs for Strong Development.

When did you opt for the franchise route? What inspired the brand to take the franchise route?

We decided to go for Expansion in FY 2014. Targeted the Markets in South India, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Metro cities across India. We believe, expanding by Franchising model is an effective method to reach out to all Local Markets and States at a time and it facilitates inorganic Growth. Company Target is to appoint 75 to 100 Franchise Distributer and Direct Franchise outlets across five states and metros.

What is the USP of DRK Sunrise Agro Pvt. Ltd that makes it different from other FMCG Players? 

1. Quality Consistency and Trust
2. Premium Quality at Best
3. Company Will Support Distributers in Initial Stage for Market Development

Where do you see the brand in two years time? What are your plans till the end of 2016?

  1. Company is planning to set up 100 Retail Franchise outlets in Hyderabad, AP and Telangana Districts with a Target of Rs.15 Cr Turnover.
  2. Appoint 75 to 100 District level distributers in 5 states with a Target of Rs.100 Cr by 2018.

What strategies has the brand adopted to deal with competition from other FMCG brands? 

Our focus has always been on

  1. Product Differentiation
  2. Quality Differentiation
  3. Pricing

What according to you is the scope for aspiring franchisees in this business? Is the future bright in the years to come?

  1. Bright Future in terms of Development and ROI in less than 1 Year, Opportunity to expand in multiple businesses.
  2. Working with emerging National Brand.

What are the qualities and qualifications that you seek for in your franchisees? How much investment is required by aspiring franchisees?

  1. Aspiring entrepreneurs who has zeal to excel and  need to have min distribution experience or willing learn.
  2. Minimum Invest 4 Lakhs for Herbal Cosmetics and Dry Fruit Snacks - Exclusive Stores.
  3. Rs.12 Lakhs for Edible Oil and Dry Fruit Snacks.

Share with us the challenges that can be faced by your franchisees? How can these be overcome?

  1. Surplus income will start from 5month onwards, hence need to hold on for first 4 months time.
  2. Market Development and continuous expansion – Company will co-ordinate to help the Franchisee to get rid of initial obstacles in Market development.

Company will provide continuous training and skill enhancement program to ensure Franchisees are well training to succeed.