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BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL is a young and very Dynamic Brand with a very strong Vision and drive to do the Best in the Segment. BLOSSOMS is an initiative by a group of 6 highly motivated and successful people from varied Backgrounds viz. Education, Finance, IT, Marketing and Social Work.

The 6 member team, including 2 PhDs in Education & Early Child Development, is strengthened by more than 2 decades of experience in the field of Primary and Secondary Education and has done extensive research for 1 full year to bring you World Class Curriculum with a thorough blend of Values, Culture and Modern Education.

BLOSSOMS aims at providing the Children of 1-6 years with the Best of Environment, Curriculum and People.

Last 5 years has seen a sea change in all the fronts like the Quality and Number of Schools, the difference Pre School nurturing has made to the little ones and most important of all is the attitude of the young parents in realizing the importance of right School/ Educator and of their own participation in shaping the minds of the young ones.

BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL is primarily focusing on coming up with Branches which stand for High Quality and Standards rather than just adding up number of Schools. In this drive, we end up eliminating many non-focused and unsuitable profiles who aspire to set up Play Schools just because the Segment is Booming.

BLOSSOMS promotes Play Group, Nursery, PP1 and PP2 along with after School Day Care in all its Branches.

We currently stand at 20 Branches and we are targeting to be 30 by the end of the Current Academic Year.

In the next 5 years’ time, BLOSSOMS will emerge as one of the Strongest Brands Catering to not just Pre Schooling but diversified into various verticals in education segment.

BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL follows ‘Integrated and a Very Unique’ Curriculum. Our Curriculum is a blend of Montessori and other methods of teaching. Our dedicated team of academics is working on continual improvisation of the Programs.

We are the only brand of Schools which has ‘Life Skills’ and ‘Sports’ as part of the Curriculum. Life Skills is a Concept through which we cover all those concepts which are ignored/ not taught by the Parents, Schools and they are NOT even covered in the Books. Example - Photography, Public Speaking Skills, Eating Etiquettes, Weights & Price Tags, and many such concepts. There is no organized method Parents or Schools use to teach these concepts. Children learn these very important concepts by chance, which we teach in an organized fashion.

 We are the only Brand which prescribes usage of Clinically Proven Cleaning Products in each Branch. Besides we mandate various other standards as a policy and the same are declared to the Parents at each Branch right in the Office. We have audit Teams conducting periodic audits at all the Branches to ensure strict adherence to the Standards.

We have also put in place a feedback mechanism by which we seek inputs from the Parents directly. Non adherence to a few critical Standards can also result in cancellation of the Franchisee.

The opportunities for the People who want to take up Franchisees are abundant, provided they are well educated and have a clear focus on the Quality/ Standards of Operation.

BLOSSOMS provides immense support to all the Branches to ensure each School operates with high Standards. Our Support is extensive and extends from clarifying Academic issues online to Conducting Telephonic round of interviews of the Teachers for recruitment to delivering Advertisement Material to the Franchisees Door Step.

Our dedicated Marketing Team is constantly working on the Branding activities across cities and Online. We do Trade Shows, we set up Hoardings, promotional material is distributed to Branches for Local Advertising, we give out News Paper Ads.

We are Particularly Strong with Online Marketing as we have a dedicated Marketing Team managing Online presence.